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Stage Manager

Valerie Medoff is a stage manager based in Atlanta, Georgia. She most recently stage managed “Rhythm & Grooves” at Six Flags Over Georgia and completed a yearlong stage management apprenticeship at the Aurora Theater, where she worked on the stage management team for the entire 2017-2018 mainstage and theater for a young audience (TYA) season.


She has a bachelor’s degree in theater and communication with a concentration in media studies and a film studies minor from Wake Forest University.


Valerie Medoff

Stage Manager, EMC                                 


Professional Experience

      Production                            Role                    Theatre                                  Director                

      The Wizard of Oz*                  PA                        Alliance Theatre                         Rosemary Newcott

      Miss Bennet: Christmas              ASM                    Theatrical Outfit                          Carolyn Cook

            At Pemberley*

      Rhythm and Grooves                 SM                      Six Flags Over Georgia               Shane Delancey

      Ripcord                                   ASM                    Aurora Theatre                           Jaclyn Hoffman

      Apprentice Co. Showcase          SM                      Aurora Theatre                           Jaclyn Hoffman

      Mamma Mia!                          ASM                    Aurora Theatre                            Justin Anderson

      Maytag Virgin                          ASM                    Aurora Theatre                           Melissa Foulger

      Cinderella: The Remix               SM                       Aurora Theatre                           Justin Anderson

      Christmas Canteen 2017          ASM                     Aurora Theatre                           Anthony Rodriguez,

                                                                                                                                  Jen MacQueen

      Goosebumps: The Musical         ASM                    Aurora Theatre                            Jaclyn Hoffman

      Abigail/1702                         ASM                    Aurora Theatre                            Justin Anderson

      The Hunchback of                    ASM                     Aurora Theatre                           Justin Anderson

            Notre Dame

      Having Our Say…                   ASM                     Triad Stage                               Elizabeth Flax

            The Music Man                 ASM                     The Candlelight Theatre               Peter Rios

*Denotes upcoming production

 Educational Experience

      Spark                                     SM                      Wake Forest Univ. Theatre            Sharon Andrews

      The Waiting Room                    SM                      Wake Forest Univ. Theatre            J.E.R. Friedenberg

      The Problem                             SM                      Wake Forest Univ. Theatre           Emily Nedvidek

      Our Country’s Good                 ASM                     Wake Forest Univ. Theatre           Sharon Andrews

Technical Experience

      Christmas by Candlelight           Sound Op. Sub      The Candlelight Theatre               Bob Kelly

      Hairspray                               Spotlight Op.          Wake Forest Univ. Theatre            J.K. Curry

Additional Training

      Stage Management Apprentice, Aurora Theatre, Lawrenceville, GA, May 2017-June 2018

                       SM/ASM Aurora Theatre’s Mainstage and TYA season with up to two shows in rep

                       Led reps with a crew of up to seven people

      IES Abroad Theatre Studies, London, England, September-December 2015

                       Courses in Theatre and Film

      Intern, The Space Theatre, London, England, October-December 2015


      Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, Graduation May 2017

                       Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, Jordan Scholar in Theatre

                       BA in Theatre and Communication, Media Studies Concentration, Film Studies Minor

Related Skills

      Reads music, trained in dance, driver’s license, proficient in Final Cut Pro, familiar with QLab


      Wendy Palmer, Stage Manager, Freelance, Atlanta, GA,, (404) 423-4288

      Katie Chambers, Resident Stage Manager, Aurora Theatre,, (678) 557-5009

      Max Redman, Stage Manager, The Candlelight Theatre,, (603) 359-2842

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