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Valerie was friendly and professional from beginning to end. She made the process painless and delivered everything well before the deadline! She was so patient with my particular requests and even improved the sound and color quality in several of my clips. I would highly recommend working with her!

- Nisrine Omri

Valerie was a pleasure to work with! She helped me make smart decisions about which clips to include and what order to present them in, and was thoughtful and communicative throughout the process. Having a knowledgable, friendly editor look at your footage with fresh eyes is a huge help! Valerie also made technical adjustments to make my reel look polished and professional. Would definitely recommend!

- Alex Sarrigeorgiou

Valerie Medoff is a film editor specializing in actor reels and sizzle reels for organizations.


She’s passionate about showcasing an actor’s talents, type and range in a short space of time. She knows that an actor has to make the right impression in mere seconds, and presenting a sleek, well-edited reel is one of the best ways to capture a casting director’s attention.

A sizzle reel is crucial for companies in order to showcase their organization and product. A good reel can hook potential clients from the moment they click onto any of your social pages.


She was also the editor of the comedy short “Lovestuck,” which premiered at the Queens World Film Festival.


She has a bachelor’s degree in theater and communication with a concentration in media studies and a film studies minor from Wake Forest University.


Actor Reels


  • a free 15-minute phone consultation

  • a first draft of the reel that you can give one round of notes on

  • Color and audio correcting

  • Separate .mov files of each clip from the reel for ease of upload on sites such as actors access


$150 for a standard reel

$50 per additional round of edits

UPDATED Actor Reels


  • Returning clients get a discount on future reels and a special price for adding a single clip to the reel Valerie previously edited.


$25 per added clip

Project editor


  • Taking raw footage and artfully cutting it together to suit the needs of your project.


Contact Valerie for rates

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